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  • How do you pack my records?
    1. Sandwich It. Take the vinyl out of the internal sleeve and the cover sleeve and sandwich it in between the two. This will ensure the record doesn't cut through either of them in transit, which is a common occurrence and can really harm the records value, particularly if it's collectable. If the LP or SINGLE is brand-new, be sure to instruct us how you would like this posted with opening the original packaging. Opening a collectable edition can have serious consequences! 2. Cover it. Add some additional protection, cut some cardboard into two squares that are just slightly larger than the cover sleeve and sandwich the record and sleeves between the cardboard. This will protect the corners of the sleeves. 3. Pack it. Cover this record sandwich with bubble wrap. This will ensure a snug fit in the record mailer, so the record doesn't rattle about. For multiple records to the same recipient, I stack them together, using the same method as above, cardboard reinforcement and then put them into a box. 4. Label it. I label your parcel with your name and address as stated on your PayPal receipt or as instructed when "ADD A NOTE" comment option is used for a different address, when you are at the cart making payment. I label your parcel 'FRAGILE- PLEASE DO NOT BEND'. I also include a return address label on the outside of the package, just in case there is a problem with delivery.
  • What Genres do the online store specialize in?
    We have a little bit of everything. We focus on 70s and 80s Rock, Pop, Hardcore, Indie, Metal, Classic Rock. We also carry a small selection of Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Blues.
  • Can i pick up my purchase in store?
    Yes, By making a booking here under book online, email or call at the bottom of the page or book online through the Facebook Records Lps Vinyl page.
  • When will my order be posted?
    Orders placed and paid for before 11am (AEST) Monday to Friday will be posted same day. Orders placed and paid for after 11am (AEST) Monday to Friday will be posted next working business day.
  • Can I add to my order after I have finalised the purchase?
    When conformation of postage tracking details are emailed you cannot add the order is completed and in transit. Instore pickup you can add to your purchase.
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